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The Pride In Print Awards are more than a pinnacle of recognition for the best in visual print communication products of any given year. They embody a culture of excellence aimed at meeting and exceeding the needs of the customer year after year.

The Pride In Print Awards showcase the best of the best in New Zealand visual communications annually. It is in the commercial marketplace that Pride In Print delivers its greatest tangible reward – opening the eyes of print buyers to the possibilities print can offer, and highlighting why buyers should choose print as a medium for their message.

Pride In Print is more than about purely bringing a commercial comparative advantage to the elite of the New Zealand print industry. It is an encouragement to the entire industry to do better, and raise the bar.

The Awards are the showpiece of the best standards in the industry, and point the way to the printers who have attained them. A Gold Medal tells a printer they have reached the status of the elite.

The Awards were established in 1993 with the goal to promote excellence in print in New Zealand. The criteria for entry insist all print work must be done in New Zealand. The Pride In Print awards programme has never stayed still since its inception 22 years ago. Each year the programme evolves and updates categories to reflect an ever-changing industry, highlighting the phenomenal work being produced by New Zealand printers annually for customers.

Each sector of the industry is covered, with expert panels of judges analysing every entry. Judging is based on technical excellence in all facets of the production process and allows for specialists to make a judgement based on the potential and the limits of that process or processes, the materials and the equipment used. Elements of typography and good design are part of this judgement, as is the effective and innovative use of materials.

The end result is that print buyers and consumers have the chance to see what innovative techniques are being tried and who is producing the best of the best each year.

Sue Archibald

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