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The Pride In Print Awards / Promoting a Culture of Excellence

Established in 1993 with the goal to promote excellence in print in New Zealand, the Pride In Print Awards have been a pinnacle of recognition year after year for the best in visual print communication products produced in New Zealand. They embody a culture of excellence aimed at meeting and exceeding the needs of the customer and continuously pushing boundaries.

It is in the commercial marketplace where Pride In Print delivers its greatest tangible reward.  Each sector of the industry is covered, with expert panels of judges analysing every entry.  Judging is based on technical excellence in all facets of the production process, typography and good design, allowing specialists to make judgements based on the potential and the limits of processes, and the materials and equipment used.

In addition to celebrating print we also have the Business Awards.  These awards are intended to highlight the businesses that are driving the future of the industry.  There are three categories - Sustainability, Wellness & Innovation, each of which are an important factor in the success of a business and the evolution of the industry, ensuring that print continues to have a great story to tell.






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